About Softwealth


About Softwealth

Softwealth is a Registered Investment Advisory firm which utilizes industry leading software and technology tools to improve all aspects of people’s experience with financial services.

  • Fee only firm- Softwealth does not charge commissions or hidden fees.
  • Fiduciary Relationship- As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are required by law to act in a fiduciary capacity when serving our clients. This means we are required to provide advice that is solely in the best interest of our client, not our own.
  • No conflicts- We are not incentivized by third party companies and do not accept referral fees. This allows us to provide objective advice to our clients.



professional profile1 (3)Brian Lowrance, CFP®

Mr. Lowrance spent the first 10 years of his career working for established financial institutions. He spent much of his time traveling the U.S. serving the investment needs of institutional investors and financial advisors from top Wall Street firms.

Being busy with work and constant travel, Brian began searching for a financial advisor to manage his own money. In spite of knowing thousands of advisors and being on the inside of the industry, it always came down to one question. “Am I willing to pay this fee in exchange for what they’re offering?” The answer was always no.

Instead of hiring an advisor he decided to leave his job and start his own firm from the ground up. “The idea was to start a company where I would be a client.”


Mr. Lowrance is a Certified Financial Planner™ and holds a BS in Business from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA.



  • Access to web and app based financial management software
  • Secure document digitization, organization and storage
  • Investment management
  • Access to institutional money managers
  • Retirement planning- 401k rollover, IRA, Roth
  • Social security optimization
  • Home purchase planning
  • College tuition planning
  • Real estate equity and debt investments
  • Estate planning- Trusts and wills

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